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November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Multiple Manatee Rescues Following Hurricane Idalia

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Homosassa Springs Weathers The Hurricane Season

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Adoptee Appearances At Blue Spring Drop Over Autumn

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Millie Still The Only Reliable Coastal Adoptee

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Our Website Gets A New Look

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Science Corner: Landfill Dangers And Alternatives

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

No Sighting Of Bama Over The Summer

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Winter Is Coming!

November 2023 - The Manatee Zone

Honoring the Legacy of SMC Co-Founder Jimmy Buffett

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A manatee mating herd. Mating activity often occurs in shallow water, attracting the attention of curious or concerned onlookers.

Please Keep Your Distance from Manatee Mating Herds

Mating herds can appear quite dramatic, with churning waters and flailing flukes and flippers. Remember to keep your distance, for the safety of humans and manatees alike.

Manatee “Mata Hari” swims in the Wekiva River with her calf in August 2022.

Higher Water Levels Give Manatees Access to Additional Habitat

With rising water levels from increased rainfall over the past few weeks, manatees have been showing up in places where they are not frequently seen, like the Wekiva River.

2022 ChangingSeas PT

Changing Seas: Saving Florida’s Starving Manatees

Save the Manatee Club is one of the organizations featured in this half-hour documentary, which premiered in June on PBS.

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Keep Me Tangle Free!

Fishing line, hooks, and other trash that is discarded can become intertwined in the vegetation where manatees feed. Fishing line can tangle around their flippers, or they may accidentally swallow the line or other trash.

Helen Spivey, known affectionately as "The Manatee Lady," educates visitors at Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park.

Remembering the Manatee Lady Helen Spivey

On April 20, 2022, the manatees lost one of their strongest and most heartfelt advocates when Helen Spivey passed away at age 94.

Zelda has been sighted with four different calves over the years. Here she is with one of her previous calves.

Zelda the Manatee Joins Adoption Program

Meet our latest adoptee! In June 2022, Zelda joined the Adopt-A-Manatee program. She has been sighted in the Florida Keys—most recently with a new calf!