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On December 6, 2020, Faye and her new calf made their first winter appearance at Blue Spring State Park.

A Happy Ending For Faye

After a successful rehabilitation, manatee “Faye” not only showed us how resilient manatees can be, she delivered a manatee calf to boot.

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Manatee Sightings Update: February 2021

Check out updates and photos from the season, and read more about who has been seen so far this winter!

Una shortly before her release on September 2nd. She was treated for monofilament entanglement. Unfortunately, her flipper was severely infected and part of it had to be amputated.

Una and Maguna Go Back Home!

On September 2, 2020, adoptee Una and her now-grown calf were released back into the wild by the Manatee Rescue and Rehabilitation Partnership.

An above-water photo of a manatee calf surfacing for a breath while the calf's mother is just visible below the surface behind the calf.

A Successful Rescue for Siesta and Her Calf Key

In Sarasota, an observant resident spotted a distressed manatee. A swift rescue by wildlife authorities led to the recovery of a pregnant female, Siesta.

This photo, taken on November 27, 2019, shows the fishing line entanglement clearly visible on Una’s flipper.

A Successful Rescue for Una

On February 24, 2020, Una, one of the manatees in Save the Manatee Club’s adoption program, and her female calf were rescued at Blue Spring State Park so Una could be taken in for treatment. She had severe fishing line entanglement on both her flippers.

Always a crowd favorite, “Hope” the inflatable manatee makes an appearance at the Crystal River Manatee Festival.

Volunteers Spread the Word at 2020 Manatee Festivals

For many, January is a time to reset, but for Save the Manatee Club volunteers, however, January has two manatee festivals that need their help.