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Manatee Review Should Consider ALL The Facts

Get information on the manatee status review and potential downlisting, with a critical look at the data and challenges facing their conservation.

After Record Losses, What’s In Store For Manatees In 2014?

Explore the devastating 2013 manatee mortality record and the growing threats to these gentle giants. Take action for their conservation in 2014.

The Record You Don’t Want To Break

Uncover the alarming rise in Florida manatee deaths in 2013 and the urgent environmental challenges they represent for our waterways.

Record Deaths, Mysterious Mortality—Ongoing Threats Make Manatee Recovery Tenuous

Uncover the pivotal factors influencing the manatee ‘reclassification’ decision under the Endangered Species Act in 2012.

Manatee Awareness Month Proclamation Signed by Governor Scott

A primary purpose of Manatee Awareness Month is to heighten public awareness about the importance of protecting Florida’s official marine mammal.