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2018 Florida Legislative Session: Some Wins, Some Losses for Environment 

Florida faces environmental challenges, including fracking, water contamination, and spring protection, prompting continued activism and protection efforts.

Downlisting: Don’t Leave Manatees Out in the Cold

Increased reporting of manatee boat strikes and a stronger emphasis on preserving warm water habitat are essential for manatee protection in Florida.

Still Much Work to be Done to Protect Iconic Manatees 

Manatee protection is still a vital mission. Recent threats and challenges demand continued efforts to ensure these beloved aquatic mammals survive and thrive.

An Open Letter to Florida Boaters

Florida broke its own manatee watercraft death record in 2016, reaching 98 fatalities. Let’s seek solutions to protect these gentle creatures.

Watercraft, Algae are Double Whammy for Manatees in 2016

Watercraft-related manatee deaths are rising in Florida in 2016. Vigilance, boater education, and clean water initiatives are essential.

Threats to Manatees and Habitat on the Rise: Help Protect Their Future

Expressing concern over the premature downlisting of manatees and the threats to aquatic ecosystems in Florida.