Manatee Awareness Occasions

Manatees face numerous challenges to their long-term survival, from water quality and habitat loss to watercraft mortality. Awareness days, weeks, and months offer a perfect opportunity to spotlight these issues and inspire action around the world. By raising awareness, we strive to help educate the public on the challenges manatees face and empower individuals to contribute to the conservation efforts essential for the well-being of manatees.

Major Manatee Awareness Occasions


  • Manatee Appreciation Day (last Wednesday in March)
    Manatee Appreciation Day is an annual observance dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness about manatees. During this day, various activities and events are organized to educate people about manatees, their habitat, and the challenges they face.
  • International Manatee Day (September 7)
    Every year, we recognize the conservation, education, and research work done worldwide to protect all species and subspecies of manatees and the ecosystems they rely on. 


  • National Safe Boating Week (Starts the third Saturday of May)
    Nearly every living manatee bears scars from encounters with boat propellers, and high-speed collisions with fast-moving watercraft are a top cause of manatee deaths. National Safe Boating Week helps promote navigating the waterways safely, which in turn helps protect manatees from collisions.


  • Seagrass Awareness Month (March)
    During Seagrass Awareness Month, individuals, communities, and organizations are encouraged to participate in educational programs, restoration initiatives, and advocacy efforts aimed at preserving seagrasses.
  • Springs Awareness Protection Month (April)
    Springs Awareness Protection Month encourages actively engaging in the conservation of freshwater springs, several of which are vital warm-water refuges for manatees.
  • Manatee Awareness Month (November)
    A month-long celebration dedicated to raising awareness about manatees, their conservation status, and the actions individuals can take to contribute to their protection. Join us in spreading knowledge and inspiring positive change.