Manatee Sightings Update: December 2023

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By Cora Berchem, Director of Multimedia and Manatee Research Associate

Manatee season started at Blue Spring State Park on November 6, 2023, when our research team counted 76 manatees. The rest of November stayed pretty warm until Thanksgiving, when a cold front started bringing the manatees in. You can read the daily updates from our research team on our website at, as well as on our social media channels.

Sightings Update: Blue Spring Adoptees

Manatee adoptee Moo Shoo nursing two calves in the protected warm-water sanctuary of Blue Spring on November 6, 2023.

Other Blue Spring Manatee Sightings

Mothers and calves are usually the first ones to arrive at the beginning of the season. We have already seen many new calves this season! Here is a video of manatees Peek a boo and Hannah with their little ones.
Our research team was especially excited to see manatee Chloe (not an adoptee) arrive at the spring with a calf in tow. Although Chloe has been visiting the spring since 2012, this is the first time our team confirmed her with a calf! Chloe was rescued two seasons ago for a flipper entanglement, which was quickly resolved, and she was released back at Blue Spring.
A large group of manatees visited the spring on a cool day in late October.
Della and Iris (not adoptees) are also among the manatee moms this year. Their calves seem to be the exact same size, and were seen playing together in the spring at the beginning of the season.

More Recent News

SMC staff and volunteers worked with Brevard Zoo's Restore Our Shores initiative to construct seagrass exclusion devices to protect growing vegetation.

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March has seen a tidal wave of enthusiasm as Seagrass Awareness Month brought everyone together to celebrate and advocate for seagrasses.

The river temperature dropped to 57.6° F on January 22, 2024, causing 717 manatees to turn up for the count! Aqua was among them, and we managed to get this sweet photo of her during her visit.

Manatee Sighting Update: April 2024

A couple cold snaps earlier in 2024 lead to huge numbers of manatees aggregating at Blue Spring State Park. Get the latest sighting update!

Staff members Shelby and Kayleigh & volunteer Austin at our Manatee Store booth at Valentine Park during the Orange City Blue Spring Manatee Festival.

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