Manatee Sighting Update: June 2024

Phyllis was seen by researchers at Blue Spring State Park on April 2024.
Phyllis was seen by researchers at Blue Spring State Park on April 2024.

By Cora Berchem, Director of Multimedia and Manatee Research Associate

During the summer months, manatees disperse from their winter aggregation sites, so sightings of manatees, including adoptees at Blue Spring, are less frequent; however, a few stopped by. Check them out!

Adoptee Brutus made a very unexpected summer visit to Blue Spring on May 21!
Adoptee Annie made a brief summer visit to Blue Spring State Park on March 31, followed by Churro, a recently released manatee.
Adoptee Phyllis has made a few summer visits since manatee season ended in March. Here she is going by our webcam at the end of April.
We received a video of adoptee Lily alongside another Blue Spring manatee named Barbra on May 23! They were seen in a residential canal off of Lake Monroe, south of Blue Spring. Video courtesy of LB Ham.
We have recorded at least two newborn calves at Blue Spring since the season ended. Here is a cute video of one of the pairs. Since the mom has no identifying scars, our research team was unable to tell who she is!

An above-water photo of a manatee swimming through spring water.
Manatee Plantaina stopped by Blue Spring on May 6. Plantaina was released at Blue Spring a few years ago, and, after having some initial trouble adjusting to the wild, she is now doing very well and looks fantastic!
Manatee Skiper had a newborn calf shortly after the season ended. Here is a short video of the pair as they go by our above-water webcam with a juvenile in tow on May 15.

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