Symbolically adopt or renew an adoption of a real manatee for yourself or as a gift, starting at as little as $25 per year! The manatees in our program are real, living manatees with known histories, and funds go toward efforts to help protect imperiled manatees and their aquatic habitat. No matter which manatee you choose to adopt, adopting one helps all manatees.

If you'd prefer not to adopt online, you can send an adoption application by mail or call us at 1 (800) 432-5646 to adopt over the phone with our team.

Adoption Materials

Membership Packet Materials

For as little as 7 cents a day you can help manatees! To show our appreciation for your support, every manatee adoption packet includes:

  • A one-year membership to Save the Manatee Club.
  • A membership handbook filled with photos, facts, and information. (With new adoptions)
  • A biography and official adoption certificate of the manatee you choose.
  • Our official newsletter, The Manatee Zone, four times a year.
  • A FREE 2024 Save the Manatee Club Calendar, while supplies last.
  • A FREE membership gift at the Friend level or above, listed below.

Membership Levels


  • Associate members receive an adoption packet, which includes a biography and certificate of adoption for your selected manatee and our membership handbook.


  • A manatee Friend will receive all the Associate level materials along with a blue, debossed luggage tag.


  • When you become a manatee Sponsor, you will receive your adoption packet as well as an exclusive SMC t-shirt. You can also substitute the shirt for the Friend level gift.


  • Guardians of the manatee can collect a cotton bucket hat with their adoption packet, or they can substitute the gift for one available at a lower adoption level.


  • Our manatee Stewards will receive their adoption packet, plus a heavy-duty cotton tote with navy-colored stripes. This gift can also be substituted for any other gift available in the program


  • Educators can adopt at any level and request classroom educational materials, however we do offer a discounted level exclusively to educators.
  • Due to tax substantiation laws, the discounted school membership is ineligible for a membership gift.

Meet the Manatees

Click on each manatee's picture to explore their story and learn how to adopt them! Updates are provided quarterly in our newsletter, The Manatee Zone. Blue Spring adoptees and Homosassa Springs adoptees can also be seen on our webcams.

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  • Alabama
  • Blue Spring State Park
  • East Coast
  • Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park
  • Tampa Bay
  • The Florida Keys
An above-water photo showing Bama the manatee swimming through Alabama waters with a smaller manatee just behind her.


Bama made history in 2009 as the first manatee captured and tagged in Alabama waters. Bama typically migrates from Alabama to Florida’s west coast each winter.

An underwater photo of Betsy the manatee swimming over some rocks while she surfaces for air.


Nicknamed by her namesake as “The Inspector,” Betsy the manatee is very friendly and curious, and she is quick to investigate anything new.

An underwater photo of Brutus the manatee swimming past.


Brutus is one of Blue Spring’s largest manatees. He weighs in at almost 1,900 pounds and has been a regular winter visitor since 1970.

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