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Manatee Sightings Update: April 2021

Read the sightings update from our researchers to learn who was seen recently and see stunning photos and videos of manatees.

A manatee encircled by a bike tire last season (see insert at right) has returned to Blue Spring State Park tire free but bears scars from the ordeal.

Bike Tire Manatee Returns Tire-Free

A manatee who became completely encircled in a bicycle tire last season has returned to Blue Spring State Park for the winter, tire-free.

On December 6, 2020, Faye and her new calf made their first winter appearance at Blue Spring State Park.

A Happy Ending For Faye

After a successful rehabilitation, manatee “Faye” not only showed us how resilient manatees can be, she delivered a manatee calf to boot.

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Manatee Sightings Update: February 2021

Check out updates and photos from the season, and read more about who has been seen so far this winter!