September 2023

A collage showing team members of Save the Manatee Club settling into their new office and moving things in.

Celebrating An Unprecedented Achievement

After over 40 years of hard work and dedication, our dream of a relocation to a permanent home has finally come true, thanks to an incredible legacy donation.

Paul Walker of Wildtracks stands to the left of shelving that contains several containers of milk replacement formula. In front of the shelf are bins, towels, and other supplies needed to help rehabilitate manatees.

Wildtracks Takes In A Humanized Manatee

Learn about Wildtracks’ rescue of a young manatee in Belize, who was too friendly with people, and the progress she’s made in her behavioral rehabilitation.

Two people sitting in a kayak observing three manatees swim by while following proper manatee etiquette, including keeping their paddles out of the water and maintaining a respectful distance.

Small Changes Could Add Up To Big Wins For Manatees

Florida’s 2023 legislative session concluded May 5, and it was a record year for land conservation funding, allocating over $1 billion toward restoration and conservation projects.

A manatee mating herd passing through Blue Spring. Photo by Save the Manatee Club.

Summer—A Busy Time For Boaters, Mating Manatees

During the summer, it’s crucial to safeguard Florida manatees by respecting their space, allowing their natural behaviors to continue undisturbed.

Adoptee Millie foraging in the Silver River. 
Photo courtesy of Gary Colgan, photographer.

Millie Is Only Coastal Adoptee Seen This Summer

Summer is a quieter season for manatee sightings, but Millie remains a dependable presence and was seen in the Ocklawaha River.

Betsy glides over the Homosassa main spring on a humid summer morning. Photo courtesy of Kate Spratt, HSWSP.

Adoptees Enjoy Cool Spring During Sweltering Summer

Amid the sweet heat of summer in Homosassa, all four resident manatees are enjoying the cool waters of the spring and spring run.

Annie Summer Visit Arlee

Annie, Brutus, Howie, And More Make Summer Visits

Blue Spring adoptees make summer visits this year, and our researchers finalize last season’s numbers—for the first time, the attendance champion was a male!


An Active Manatee Season In The Northern Gulf

Manatee sighting season continues in the northern Gulf of Mexico with several familiar manatees appearing in Alabama waters!

Aerial view of Mosaic-New Wales' south stack and north stack, both more than 360 feet high.

Science Corner: Phosphate Mining’s Mark On Florida

Phosphate mining in Florida has damaged a lot of the environment in pursuit of phosphogypsum to make artificial fertilizer.