Educational Projects and Crafts


Make a Book Cover from a Calendar

Give your favorite calendar photos a second life! Follow these simple steps to transform your calendars into fabulous book covers.

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Create A Manatee Bookmark from a Calendar

In this upcycling project, embrace sustainability and add a personal touch to your reading adventures by creating your own bookmark using calendar preview photos.

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Create a Gift Bag from an Old Calendar

Don’t just recycle: upcycle! Transform your manatee calendars into beautiful bags that are perfect for any gift occasion.

Arrange the manatees on the blue paper

Tabletop Manatee Craft Project

Craft your own tabletop manatee masterpiece! Dive into creativity with our easy-to-follow project. Fun for all levels. Get started today!

Cs Puppet Photo

Make A Manatee Puppet

Craft your own enchanting manatee puppet! Easy for all skill levels. Download, color, and assemble for some creative fun. Start now!