Vector FWC


Vector is a traveling man(atee) and has been tracked in Florida as far north as the Suwannee River and as far south as the Peace River.

Jemp Mote


Jemp was rescued in 1995 after being exposed to red tide and released later that year. Jemp travels in a wide range along Florida’s west coast.

Ginger Mote (1)


Ginger frequents the west coast of Florida, typically just to the south of Tampa Bay. Ginger has had two known calves, one of whom is named Ale!

An above-water photo showing Flicker the manatee sticking her snout above the surface for air.


Flicker is an adult female first documented in 1983 in Ft. Myers. She has a series of small propeller scars that remind researchers of flickering flames.

An above-water photo of Elsie the manatee surfacing for air.


Elsie was first documented in 1983 as part of a photo identification program. She has 2 known calves and once traveled 111 miles in 23 days.