Ginger Mote (1)


Ginger frequents the west coast of Florida, typically just to the south of Tampa Bay. Ginger has had two known calves, one of whom is named Ale!

Gator SMC


Gator was first identified in 2011 at Blue Spring State Park. He was seen on the webcam chasing and playing with an alligator at the park, earning him his name!

An above-water photo showing Flicker the manatee sticking her snout above the surface for air.


Flicker is an adult female first documented in 1983 in Ft. Myers. She has a series of small propeller scars that remind researchers of flickering flames.

An above-water photo of Elsie the manatee surfacing for air.


Elsie was first documented in 1983 as part of a photo identification program. She has 2 known calves and once traveled 111 miles in 23 days.

An above-water photo showing Bama the manatee swimming through Alabama waters with a smaller manatee just behind her.


Bama made history in 2009 as the first manatee captured and tagged in Alabama waters. Bama typically migrates from Alabama to Florida’s west coast each winter.

An underwater photo of Betsy the manatee swimming over some rocks while she surfaces for air.


Nicknamed by her namesake as “The Inspector,” Betsy the manatee is very friendly and curious, and she is quick to investigate anything new.

An underwater photo of Ariel the manatee in the clear waters of Homosassa Springs.


Ariel was just two weeks old when she was rescued with her mom, Amanda. She lifts her head out of the water to “smile” at manatee education program visitors.

An underwater photo of Floyd the manatee swimming at Blue Spring State Park.


Floyd was born in the summer of 1978. He is easily identified by the park’s rangers because of an old injury that left him with only half a tail.

An underwater photo of Flash the manatee swimming through the clear Blue Spring waters.


Flash is a large male manatee first identified in 1977 at Blue Spring State Park. He is shy of human contact and will take off in a “flash” when disturbed.

An underwater photo of Doc the manatee swimming toward the camera.


Doc has returned to Blue Spring State Park nearly every winter since 1976, and he’s one of the few manatees frequently spotted in the spring in the summer.