Millie SMC (1)


First identified in 1980, Millie is one of the largest manatees ever recorded. She is a traveler with a long sighting history along Florida’s southeast coast.



Noted at Blue Spring State Park since attendance records first began in 1970, Merlin earned the nickname “Tail-End Charlie,” as he often arrives late each year.

Margarito SMC


Margarito is the son of Lily, who brought him to Blue Spring State Park on November 24, 1984. He has returned every winter since.



Lucille regularly winters at Blue Spring State Park. She was born in 1980, had her first calf at an early age, and became a grandmother in 1993.

Lily By Wayne Hartley


Lily is one of the few adult females to regularly winter at the Blue Spring State Park. She has returned each year since 1974 and has had at least 11 calves.

Lenny SMC


Lenny was born to Luna in 1978 and winters at Blue Spring State Park each year. Lenny is the resident “couch potato,” preferring rest to all other activities.

Jemp Mote


Jemp was rescued in 1995 after being exposed to red tide and released later that year. Jemp travels in a wide range along Florida’s west coast.

Illusion FWC


Illusion was rescued in March 2010 after a terrible boat strike. After being released, she is often seen along the east coast of south Florida.

Howie SMC


Howie is a male manatee who has wintered at Blue Spring since 1971. In a mischievous incident, he tipped the research canoe—complete with researchers in it!

An above-water photo of Chessie the manatee surfacing for air.


In 1994, Chessie the manatee was a Chesapeake Bay sensation, rescued after straying north and refusing to return south for the winter.