Zelda Chandonnet


Zelda has been sighted in recent years in the Florida Keys. She was given her name because the scar on her back reminded researchers of the letter “Z.”

Whiskers SMC


Whiskers is the son of Dana, a former Blue Spring adoptee. She introduced him to Blue Spring in 1996, and he has been visiting the park ever since that time.

Vector FWC


Vector is a traveling man(atee) and has been tracked in Florida as far north as the Suwannee River and as far south as the Peace River.



Rescued in 2003 as an orphan, Una faced additional challenges with fishing line entanglement. Following treatment, she is once again doing well in the wild.

Rocket SMC


Rocket is a male manatee, rescued as a tiny orphan in 2006. He was released with Annie at Blue Spring State Park, and they stayed together for over a year.

Phyllis SMC


In 1991, Phyllis gave birth to twins—a rare event for manatees. She is now the mother of several calves and a regular winter visitor to the park.



Born in the summer of 1982, Philip was one of the most playful manatees as a youngster. He also seems to love canoes and follows the research canoe everywhere!

PaddyDoyle SMC

Paddy Doyle

Paddy Doyle was named by researchers after the famous “fighting Irishman,” as he bears the distinction of being one of the feistiest manatees at the park.

Nick SMC


First identified in 1977, Nick is a small adult male who earned the nickname “Crazy Nick” after he was recorded going north rather than south in midwinter.

MooShoo SMC (2)

Moo Shoo

Moo Shoo is a female manatee first identified in 2010, Moo Shoo loves to nudge the research canoe and has had four calves.